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Meet the Team

The team at Robotics Playground all have something in common, we all love robotics and engineering! We are made up of people of different specialties and experience levels to create educational content . This is for the reason that we want our content to be accessible for students of different interests and over a range of experience levels.


Wilson Kong

Lead Educator

A Mechatronics Engineer (Masters) and the founder of Robotics Playground. Wilson has a strong passion for engineering education and he wants to spread his love for all things robotics and engineering! After having worked for different STEM providers he realised that he wanted to do things differently and have it be accessible for students of different genders and backgrounds he founded Robotics Playground.

Damiens head.jpg

Damien R.

Engineering Educator

Damien is passionate about education and engineering. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Majoring in Electrical Engineering at The University of Queensland. Engineering is his passion and creating fun content is his mission.


Harrison A.

High School Liaison and Student Engineering Extraordinaire

From being a student at our sessions to being a facilitator. Harrison has proven himself to be an extremely valuable player on the team. He is technically capable and can still relate to his fellow students.

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Get in touch with us if you are interested in joining our team! During the school holidays we usually have a lot of sessions going on and we need extra facilitators during those periods.

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