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About Robotics Playground

Here at Robotics Playground, we want to develop our students' mindsets. We believe the thing that makes engineers and tech-savvy people different is their engineering mindset and it is less about their technical knowledge.  Technical knowledge is something that anyone has access to but it is the engineering mindset that allows them to understand and apply the knowledge. Because of this, we believe anyone can be an engineer.

We teach this mindset through fun and engaging robotics and engineering sessions where students are exposed to a diverse range of equipment.


Mission & Vision

Robotics Playground is created and run by a team with a passion for both robotics and educating the next generation. We inspire young and new minds to delve into the world of robotics and STEM to realise their interests and potential.

Bringing in some strong support

Robotics Playground provides an accessible, inclusive and fun space to learn and explore robotics and all things STEM. We provide workshops in collaboration with industry professionals and educators, as well as providing a robotics playground to have fun exploring and playing with robots.

We provide a diverse and inclusive learning environment where we invite people of any gender, learning ability or prior experience to come and learn/explore the world of robots and all things STEM.

Robotics Playground workshops are tailored towards STEM education. The workshops are aimed to provide for those who have no robotics or programming experience and just want to give it a go, to those who are wanting to expand their knowledge and learn more while having fun. Catered to both the novice robot builder to the more experienced and those who are completely new and want to find out more.

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